About Us

OCE Productions was founded in 2009, starting as merchandise vendors for various conventions.  As time went on, OCE's president grew a love for event planning.  She saw the joy it brought to fans meeting their favorite stars. 


The hit TV show, "One Tree Hill," was a huge inspiration to start her own fan event.  By the time she had everything planned for the first ever OTH event, 2 other competitors beat her to it; one in Paris and one in the United States. It was as if they all had the same brilliant brain.

Although disappointed that she was unable to offer the fans that particular convention, she started thinking of other dedicated fans that have yet to share that amazing moment of meeting their idol and she quickly went to work on other celebrity ventures. With her dedicated OCE team by her side, she found exciting opportunities and her company continued to grow. With OCE team's support encouragement to move on to bigger and better things, she realized the OCE team were no longer just employees and friends... They were her family and she owed it to them and the fans to put something amazing together.

Which brings us to 2017.  Fans had been asking, petitioning, and wanting an event to meet the stars from the Chicago Series'.  The OCE Team got together and decided to make a wonderful, yet different, experience for fans. 


The 2018 Chicago Heroes Event was a HUGE hit with attendees and celebrity guests!

We welcome you to come be a part of the OCE family and enjoy our life changing events with us!

Peace, Love & Good Vibes

- The OCE Team